If you wish to improve your realistic drawing skills, it is great practice to draw three dimensional forms such as spheres, cones and cubes. These shapes are everywhere in nature – the sphere of a bird’s chest, the cone of a fir tree, the cube of a chunk of granite rock.  Mastering the depiction of basic 3-D forms will help you draw all of these things in a much more realistic way.

When I’m practicing drawing, I use the styrofoam shapes you can purchase at crafts stores that are used in creating floral arrangements. You can also find many of these same shapes around your house, especially in the kitchen – cans of soup, boxes of cereal.


Video tutorial on sketching 3-D forms, filmed live for Periscope

Watch the 30 minute video below that walks you through sketching a sphere (This is a Periscope video, so the first couple minutes are just me introducing my tutorial. Hang in there and the tutorial will start shortly. Skip ahead to minute 3:00 if you’d like.


Download the pdf handout on How to Create a Shaded Pencil Drawing.