Sketching Tutorials

Think you can’t draw a stick figure or a straight line?  Great, for there are very few of them in nature! Follow along with me as I show you my tried and true methods for creating quick and casual nature drawings.


Happy students from my workshop in Jamaica

Bird Sketching Tutorials



On September 17th I gave a presentation to the local Audubon Society and am sharing the resources from that event below.

Link to PDF of my slideshow:  Bird sketching presentation Link to PDF handout: Quick Tips for Sketching Birds in the Field Link to PDF:  Bird Sketching Workshop Resources

Birds Caribbean Bird Sketching Workshop

The following information is a supplement to the workshop I taught at the Birds Caribbean Meeting in Jamaica, July 2015



Sketching Birds Tutorial (view video and downloadable resources)



Video Demo on Quick Birds Sketching Technique

This two page handout has information on the best resources and supplies for learning to sketch birds.

Download the Drawing a Hummingbird page 


Want more help learning to sketch birds?

If you’d like more training in sketching  birds,check out my course called Sketching Backyard Birds for Beginners. 



How to draw realistic three dimensional forms

If you wish to improve your realistic drawing skills, it is great practice to draw three dimensional forms such as spheres, cones and cubes. These shapes are everywhere in nature – the sphere of a bird’s chest, the cone of a fir tree, the cube of a chunk of granite rock.  Mastering the depiction of basic 3-D forms will help you draw all of these things in a much more realistic way. When I’m practicing drawing , I use the styrofoam shapes you can purchase at crafts stores that are used in creating floral arrangements. You can also find many of these same shapes around your house, especially in the kitchen – cans of soup, boxes of cereal.

Download my cheat sheet on how to draw 3-D forms using graphite pencils

My Top Nature Sketching Tools & Techniques

Click here to see all my tools I use daily when sketching, both in the field and in the studio, complete with links to purchase them and videos describing how to use each one. Enjoy!


Georgia O’Keeffe Inspired Sketching Demonstration

In this video, I talk about Georgia O’Keeffe and do a drawing demonstration in which I show you how to emulate one of her most iconic subjects – bones – in chalk pastel. If you’d like to learn more, download my lesson plan that has more resources for you to duplicate this lesson at home or at school.

 Download the Georgia O’Keeffe Inspired Lesson Plan


Sketching A Leaf Tutorial

1) Get a piece of paper and a pencil

2) Watch the video below

3) Download Leaf Sketching Worksheet  and try it yourself!



Student Praise

“Your introducing me to drawing (the scariest thing ever!) actually has led me to draw as a form of meditation and journaling without words … loving it!!!””
Thank you forever,
-Marie Mathews


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