May 2-8th has officially been deemed Amphibian Week in the United States by proclamation of Interior Secretary Deb Haaland in recognition of these species’ global decline and threats due to climate change, chytrid disease, and habitat destruction.

You can find some resources for learning more about the most diverse and numerous types of amphibians; frogs and salamanders, and also watch some videos on how to sketch them below.



Watch the video below to learn the steps I use to draw anything, using a tree frog as an example. First, Download my Hints for Accurate Nature Sketching. Then watch my 13-minute video tutorial below and follow along as I outline my foundational drawing techniques.


Sketching a Red-eyed Tree Frog

Below you’ll find a 37-minute video on drawing a tropical Red-eyed Tree Frog. If you’d like to follow along, get a pencil and paper and if you are able to, I suggest you download and print the frog image HERE that I use in the video.




All About Salamanders and How to Sketch Them





How to Sketch Salamanders

How to Draw Dart Frogs

How to Draw a Red-eyed Tree Frog

World Frog Day

Tiny but Stunning Dart Frogs

How to Sketch Newts



Resources for learning more about frogs