You’re in the right place if you:

  • Would rather spend a day out hiking or skinny dipping than going to a mall.
  • Believe getting stung by a jellyfish is a small price to pay for snorkeling above a coral reef.
  • Think insects and snakes aren’t creepy crawlies but wickedly fascinating.
  • Believe children have the right to experience nature and adults have the responsibility to get them there.
  • Would spend your lottery money on traveling instead of stuff.
  • Wouldn’t think I’m a nut job if I told you I’ve performed surgery on a bumblebee, gone swimming with sharks, kept a black widow as a pet and love collecting animal skulls!

A gift for you

My flagship program is called the Nature Sketching Challenge, and best of all, it’s free! Why? Because I believe all people have the natural-born right to enjoy the natural world and I believe the practice of spending time outdoors with a nature journal is the best way to develop understanding and empathy for the creatures that share our planet.

We live in a precarious time of global climate change, government unrest, unchecked resource consumption, and untold numbers of wildlife species being pushed to the brink of extinction. I believe that many of our environmental problems could be solved if people had the chance to develop a closer relationship to, and understanding of nature’s inner workings. And that starts with the simple act of noticing, then appreciating, and finally being moved to conserving the natural world. As the renowned Senegalese forester, Baba Dioum, famously said:

“We only conserve what we love; we will love only what we understand; and we will understand only what we are taught”
– Baba Dioum

That’s why I developed the Nature Sketching Challenge, a 14-day self-paced, online program for nature-loving folks of all ages to help jump-start their enjoyment and understanding of the natural world. It’s chock-full of my best activities for giving you the confidence to sketch, even if you believe “I can’t even draw a stick figure”. I invite you to try it today!

“Christine is so genuine in her love of nature and desire to teach others about its beauty. She warmly welcomes people into her nature-loving community. You won’t regret joining Christine!”  
-Ian Fawley, Interpretive Ranger, Silver Falls State Park, Oregon

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