Hi, I’m Christine, and my passion is helping people form a deeper connection with the natural world. Through my writing, art, films, and sketching workshops, I aim to bring more joy into one’s life, more empathy into one’s heart, and a greater appreciation for the vital roles that nature plays in our own well-being.

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You’ll fit right in my tribe if you:

  • Would rather spend a day out hiking or skinny dipping than go to a mall.
  • Believe getting stung by a jellyfish is a small price to pay for diving a coral reef.
  • Think insects and snakes aren’t creepy crawlies but wickedly fascinating.
  • Believe children have the right to experience nature and adults have the responsibility to get them there.
  • Would spend your lottery money on traveling instead of stuff.
  • Wouldn’t think I’m a nut job if I told you I did surgery on a bumblebee, went swimming with sharks, kept a black widow as a pet and love collecting skulls!


“Christine is so genuine in her love of nature and desire to teach others about its beauty. She warmly welcomes people into her nature-loving community. You won’t regret joining Christine!”  
-Ian Fawley, Interpretive Ranger, Silver Falls State Park, Oregon

News / Events 2017

November 24-December 7: Visiting Peru’s lowland rainforests and cloud forests on a trip sponsored by the Amazon Conservation Association, in order to sketch its abundant wildlife and plan a return trip to bring my nature sketching guests.

September 29-October 2: Attending the American Birding Expo in Philadephia  where I’ll have a booth with information on my sketching holidays and I’ll be demonstrating bird sketching  techniques.

September 15-17: Attending the Puget Sound Bird Festival where I’ll be leading bird appreciation activities for kids.