47 reasons to pack a bandana on your next adventure!

Never leave home without a few!

I always travel with at least a couple of bandanas, of various sizes because, well they are just so darn useful, and they come in so many fun patterns, that they’re hard to resist. And so, as is often the case, I brainstormed this list of handy uses for bandanas while on a long, and […]

Can’t Travel? Do This Instead!

Cure the travel bug with these quick fixes Sometimes we just can’t embark on an exotic adventure, I get it. I spent four years barely leaving my hometown’s county during the time I was taking care of my father, who suffered from dementia.  We all have reasons; both real and imagined for why we can’t […]

Adventures in Mexico

  A surprisingly different itinerary and a fresh perspective When my partner and I are planning a trip to Mexico, we aren’t dreaming about palm-lined beaches and stiff margaritas –  though we may enjoy both from time to time 😉 No, we’re planning our days around watching the antics of the colorful endemic birds, hiking the […]

How to Pack,Plan, and Prep for Adventure!

It’s exciting to board a plane for a new adventure…but the planning and packing during the month before? Not so much. Personally, I’d rather focus on learning the difference between the tanagers of Peru than fret about whether I’d remembered to renew my passport or was current on my vaccines. If you’ve ever left your […]

Alaska in Winter

We visited Nome, Alaska in December for the Christmas Bird Count and to give workshops for the University. Here’s a little movie about our experience.   Join the Travel Tips and Tales Newsletter Fill in the form below to instantly sign up!  

Birdwatching Tour Blogs

I am blessed to travel frequently with my partner, Stephen Shunk, of Paradise Birding, working as a naturalist and co-leader of bird watching tours, where we seek out such exotic species as Whooping Cranes in Texas, King Eiders in Alaska, Toucans in Honduras and Flamingos in the Mediterranean.   Visit my birdwatching travel blogs Honduras Birding Blog Sicily […]

Top 10 Benefits of Keeping a Travel Journal

Have you ever been traveling and noticed a person completely engrossed in the activity of journaling, perhaps with a somewhat dreamy expression on her face, and seemingly oblivious to the chaos around her? Perhaps you said to yourself “I should try that on my next trip.” I encourage you to follow that hunch, and here’s […]