Celebrating World Parrot Day!

Below you’ll find two webinars and downloadable resources I’ve created to help you learn about the amazing family of birds known as parrots!

Endemic Parrots of the Caribbean Webinar

Learn all about parrots in this replay of a live workshop below which I co-led along with BirdsCaribbean Executive Director Lisa Sorenson, and Trinidadian parrot biologist Aliya Hosein that was presented in celebration of the month-long Caribbean Endemic Bird Festival.

First, download the high-resolution parrot images for your use in the sketching step-by-step demonstration, then watch the replay of the live event below. We will be sketching the Cuban Parrot.


Parrot Family and Macaw Sketching Webinar

In this workshop, we’ll focus on macaws; the showiest and largest members of the beloved parrot family, many of which face extinction in the wild. Then, I’ll lead you through a step-by-step drawing tutorial. We will be sketching the widespread and brilliantly red-colored Scarlet Macaw. You may download the high-resolution scarlet macaw image HERE.





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