Nature Journaling with Kids

Tips for starting a journaling practice

Below you’ll find some tips for when you’re just getting started sharing the joy of nature journaling with the youth in your life. It’s focused on teaching middle school-aged kids, but can easily be modified for younger or older audiences. Keeping a nature journal is a time-honored tradition, practiced throughout history; from the ancient Greeks […]

All About Giraffes

Story inspired by #AprilTheGiraffe

Interesting Facts About Giraffe A resource for facts about giraffes, a giraffe coloring page, and links to learn more about giraffes in the wild. A Famous Giraffe Named April Like millions of people around the world, I patiently watched a pregnant giraffe for nearly two months!   Her name is April and she lives at New York’s […]

How to Draw a Macaw

Let’s Draw a Military Macaw! I created this fun step-by-step guide to drawing a Military Macaw as part of my volunteer work in Mexico. The conservation organization, Macaws Forever, will use this in their educational programs in local communities. Feel free to download a copy and share it with your bird-loving friends! How to Draw a […]

How to Draw a Woodpecker

Step-by-Step Tutorial on Drawing a Woodpecker Get a pencil and paper and follow along to this quick tutorial.   How to Draw a Woodpecker Coloring Page Woodpecker-How-To-Draw (pdf) All You Ever Wanted to Know About Woodpeckers The Peterson Reference Guide to North American Woodpeckers by Stephen A. Shunk This 300-page book includes chapters on the anatomy, […]

Young Naturalist’s Songbook

Link to download A Young Naturalist’s Songbook (load time might be slow, it’s a big, colorful file!) I designed and illustrated this song book for children based on the songs of my dear friends,Stephen Hein & Kristen Strohm. I created it to accompany the nature education programs I provide through various organizations. The songbook includes the words to 14 nature-based songs for kids written […]

Caribbean Birds Coloring Book

Inspiring children to know & protect their avian friends I’m honored to be collaborating with BirdsCaribbean, the leading bird conservation organization in the Caribbean. We’re creating a children’s book (working title: Endemic Birds of the West Indies Coloring Book) that will be distributed throughout the islands. Below, you’ll find some of the initial drafts of the pages I’m illustrating for the book, […]

Stream Insects Coloring Page

Caddisfly larvae

  What’s more fun than spending a hot summer day splashing around in a creek or pond with your kids? Below you’ll find a coloring page I created to help educate children (and adults!) about the wonderful diversity of insects and their relatives that inhabit the water, mud, pebbles and aquatic vegetation of most any watery […]

Nature Coloring Pages for Kids

Here are some coloring pages and other environmental education resources I’ve developed over the years for use in working with children, who learn best by doing. Feel free to download and copy them for your nonprofit educational uses. And if your children enjoy them, I’d love to have you share photos with me! Giraffe Coloring Page (pdf) […]

The Jolly Robber Jay

Using A Multisensory Approach to Environmental Education When I’m leading kids’ environmental education programs, I enjoy incorporating all the senses in order to help cement the concepts I’m teaching in a fun and engaging way.  I try to include movement, crafts, storytelling, and song,  Although I am admittedly the world’s worst singer, the kids never seem to […]