Discover and Sketch Woodpeckers in a Video Workshop

Woodpeckers are a global and diverse family of over 230 species. Whether you love ’em or hate ’em, everyone’s got an opinion about woodpeckers and finds them a raucous and intriguing group of birds!

Below you’ll find a replay of an online workshop in which I focus on teaching you about species in Central and South America; an area that supports the world’s richest diversity of woodpeckers. I’ll share some fascinating facts about the habitats, ecology, anatomy, and behavior of Neotropical woodpeckers.

As an artist, I focus on facts related to helping folks learn how to more deeply observe and understand that which they draw so they’ll have more ease and confidence when sketching their subjects, like woodpeckers, out in the field.

While I’m not an ornithologist, I have been lucky to see and sketch many species of woodpeckers in the wild;  from the Great Slaty Woodpecker in Borneo to the Cream-colored Woodpecker in Peru, and enjoy sharing my fascination with this unique family of birds with fellow bird lovers!

I’ll also lead you through several woodpecker sketching exercises so be sure to gather some pencils and paper and also the Lineated Woodpecker image that I’ll be leading the detailed step-by-step drawing demonstration with. Enjoy!

Neotropical Woodpeckers Workshop (100 minutes)


Woodpecker resources mentioned in the workshop


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Love ’em or hate ’em, everyone’s got an opinion about woodpeckers!