I’ve been lucky to work with some amazing students and organizations who have been kind enough to offer the following testimonials about our work together.

 “Lahontan Audubon Society offered bird drawing workshops this year (2022) with Christine Elder, an extraordinary artist, and educator, who makes learning about art fun for all ages.  We received such abundant positive feedback from Christine’s workshops that we will continue to offer bird drawing workshops as future events.  Christine is professional, knowledgeable, and a talented educator, and we would love the chance to work with her again in the future.” 

-Diane Wong-Kone, Lahontan Audubon Society, Reno, Nevada

 “Christine gave an excellent presentation on her birding big sketching day in the Neotropics, conducted a very well-received workshop on techniques for bird sketching in the field, and included a field sketching component the next day at the 2022 Winter Wings Festival in Klamath Falls Oregon. Our attendees gave us very positive feedback on all her offerings and we would be thrilled to have her participate again at our festival. Thanks so much!”

Anne Wenner, Winter Wings Birding Festival



 “Wild Women of the Water is a women’s fly fishing group located in Central Oregon. We are outdoor enthusiasts and nature explorers. We were pleased to have Christine Elder offer a zoom presentation to our group on capturing the experience of being in nature through the practice of nature journaling. The women of our group were encouraged to bring their journaling supplies to all their on-the-water experiences to capture the moment. We valued her emphasis that one need not be an “artist” to enjoy nature journaling and her all-inclusive teaching style fit all ages and experience. ”

-Susan Coyle, Wild Women of the Water Flyfisher’s Club


 “On behalf of the veterinary staff of Toucan Rescue Ranch, we would like to thank Christine for giving us the sketching workshop. We all learned a lot and really enjoyed ourselves. Her explanations were very straightforward and easy to understand which helped us finish the workshop with a very satisfying result. It was really nice doing something that made us come out of our comfort zone and learn skills that can be handy in our day-to-day jobs.”

-Stephanie Valle Cubero, Education Coordinator

 “Christine’s classes are inspiring and informative. With each topic, she engages her students with information and connection to the topic, and then she shows us how to draw the animal or plant in a way that is applicable to other organisms as well. I really appreciate her enthusiasm and passion for learning about nature. I highly recommend her classes.”

-Rima Givot – Sisters High School, Oregon


 “Christine joyously and with abundant enthusiasm & skill will share with you her knowledge and passion for wildlife and plants and how to sketch/draw them. If you feel lacking in your abilities to draw, Christine will dispel them quickly and will give you instruction & you WILL gain confidence that you DO have the ability & that with practice you will improve. Christine IS a naturalist’s naturalist.”
– Sue Amison-Hicks

“Christine Elder has a refreshingly welcoming approach to teaching that reflects her obvious passion for wildlife and conservation of our natural environment. Whether at her home in Oregon or visiting us deep in the tropics at the Vallarta Botanical Garden, she has a marvelous potential to connect people with birds in a rich and meaningful way”
– Neil Gerlowski, Executive Director, Vallarta Botanical Garden

“Christine is so genuine – in her love of nature and desire to teach others about its beauty. She warmly welcomes people into her nature-loving community. You won’t regret joining Christine!”
-Ian Fawley, Interpretive Ranger, Silver Falls State Park, Oregon

Teaching about javelinas

“Christine is such an amazing artist and person. Though my son attends her classes when he can, I have really learned a lot from her informative Facebook posts. My son really likes to join her class and has learned a lot of not only techniques but other facts about the object/species in the drawing. It is just not nature sketching but nature education classes. Keep what you do Christine and help spread the knowledge.”

-Ruchi Verma Gupta (parent)

“I appreciate Christine’s blend of teaching animal habits, anatomy, and environment so participants are knowledgeable and prepared for each sketching lesson. I’ve gained investigation skills for nature observation, and I’m a better artist because of Christine’s courses. And she’s so encouraging – no pressure and all fun!”

– Karen Brehmer

“I’ve taken many creative workshops over the years and enjoyed doing them. But with Christine, it’s a whole other experience that brings out the sheer JOY of creating as well as the BEST in your artwork, within a relatively short time. She is well learned in the anatomy of plants and animals, which her students can easily translate into drawings with a variety of art media.”

-Jacqueline Anne

“Christine is stellar in the classroom. Her projects are well thought out and she works very collaboratively with the classroom teachers. She mixes the science and the art nicely and the projects are well-timed.”
-Julie Block, former Director
Youth in Arts, San Rafael

“Christine is so inspiring! She shares her extensive knowledge of our natural surroundings and helpful tips to better capture them on paper. I’ve become much more observant of the creatures and plant life I’ve come across which can only benefit my art-making.”
-Diane Marie

“Christine is such a wonderful teacher. She knows her field really well and is very generous with her time and information. Her classes are top of the line and so much fun”
– Lorna Cahall, Bend Oregon

Art Station

Christine ignites the studio classroom with her in-depth knowledge of wildlife biology, illustration, drawing, and painting to create a unique, diverse learning environment for artists of all ages! All of Christine’s classes are high-quality opportunities for our students at Art Station.”
-Deborah Allen, Arts Education Manager

“I’ve come to drawing late in life, and Christine’s cheer, enthusiasm, and knowledge have really helped me along. She’s a fellow biologist’s dream nature journaling teacher. I’ve purchased each of her online courses as they’ve become available, and she’s getting me past my plateaus and onward with improvement!”
-Chris Fisher

“Christine is a dynamite teacher, even for slow art learners like me. I’ve taken two bird sketching classes with here – she’s patient, entertaining and knows how to integrate biology with technique”
– Denise Fainberg, Redmond Oregon


“Christine is a strong, youthful scientist who entices others to look at the loveliness of nature. Her energy is contagious. Anyone would be lucky to have Christine on their team. Her passion and love for nature permeate whatever it is she is doing. She’s the real deal and has the scientific knowledge to accompany her enthusiasm”
– Jill Harke, Director, John Muir Mountain Day Camp

“It was a pleasure working with Christine. She is very knowledgeable and knows who to convey that knowledge in a way that makes people excited to learn. Our girls absolutely love her enthusiasm and creative activities. I would highly recommend Christine for any program that involved teaching art and science to children”
– Amy Perez, Girl Scout Leader, Troop 1238

“Thanks, Christine for sharing your passion and expertise with us in your wonderful class today. Both my kids loved it and so did I. I appreciate you being so supportive of our different skill levels. And your nature songs were a big hit – the girls have been singing them all afternoon!”
-Robin Baraybar, Oregon

“Ms. Elder enhanced our seventh grade Life Sciences curriculum; her knowledge, expertise, and organizational skills always make it a rewarding experience for all”
–Trish Mihalek, Hall Middle School

“Excellent mix of science, nature, and art”
“The Art Station is lucky to have such a teacher for kids as well as adults”
“Quick, practical tips that are easy to remember” 

“Your introducing me to drawing (the scariest thing ever!) actually has led me to draw as a form of meditation and journaling without words … loving it!!!”

-Marie Mathews, live workshop student

Praise from Kids

“Dear Christine,
You are a great teacher and I love drawing with you.  When I first moved to Oregon I didn’t know anything about nature and you were the first one to teach me.  Since then I have wanted to learn more about plants and birds.  I can’t wait to see you again next year, and maybe we can draw some insects and bugs that we find!”
-Love, Monet (age 10)

I have gone birding with Christine and have gone to several of her art classes. My family has had so much fun learning about birds from these experiences. Christine is very nice and she loves nature. It is fun to sing bird songs with her and watch her dance. I’m looking forward to seeing her again.

-Gunner (age 12)


Christine’s Students