Step-by-Step Tutorial on Drawing a Woodpecker

Get a pencil and paper and follow along to this quick tutorial.

How to Draw a Woodpecker


How to Draw a Woodpecker Coloring Page

Woodpecker-How-To-Draw (pdf)


All You Ever Wanted to Know About Woodpeckers


The Peterson Reference Guide to North American Woodpeckers by Stephen A. Shunk
This 300-page book includes chapters on the anatomy, behavior, ecology and conservation of the 23 species of North American woodpeckers, and provides detailed species accounts for each one. An extensive appendix includes information on the woodpecker family tree, and human-woodpecker interactions. Learn more about the book and how to purchase it a

Quick Tips for Sketching Backyard Birds

If you want to move from sketching birds using photographs to sketching live birds in your own backyard, check out this page for more tips for sketching the birds in your backyard.

Acorn Woodpecker

Acorn Woodpecker

Want to learn more about sketching birds?

Check out my online course “Sketching Backyard Birds for Beginners“. It comes with a video and downloadable guide to help you learn to sketch birds in a fun and easy manner.