Let’s Sketch a Reindeer!

Below you’ll find a 90-minute workshop that includes fun facts about reindeer and lots of info about their anatomy to help you draw them even more realistically. To participate, grab a pencil, paper, and then download your high-resolution reindeer image HERE, and you’ll find two more below the video.


Reindeer Images

Click the links below to download 3 different reindeer images to practice drawing.

Reindeer Image (2021)

Reindeer Image (2020)

Reindeer Image (2019)

Set of Reindeer Reference Images

2021 Reindeer Workshop

My newest workshop for Christmas 2021 is held on December 24th and is a benefit for wildlife conservation, so please be generous with your donation. Register HERE .


Learn More About Reindeer

Below you’ll find clips of reindeer from 3 different parts of the world where they play critical roles in the indigenous cultures.

Reindeer Herding In Snowy Mongolia

Reindeer Herders of the Russian Arctic

New York TImes article: Where Reindeer are a way of life.