Reindeer Sketching Video Tutorials

Below you’ll find a few different versions of my demonstrations of sketching a reindeer, from a 4-minute speed sketch to a full 120-minute narrated workshop. Enjoy!

4-minute speed sketching demo

Here’s a 4-minute demo of the process I use to create a realistic-looking sketch of a reindeer. Grab your copy of the Reindeer Sketching Template (as seen below the videos) to follow along.

120-minute tutorial (2019)

In this video, I share a slideshow about reindeer and caribou biology and then go through my step-by-step sketching tutorial.

90-minute tutorial (2018)

Below you’ll find the full 90-minute tutorial that I created on Facebook that includes fun facts about reindeer and lots of info about their anatomy to help you draw them even more realistically. As a bonus, at the very end, I ‘sing’ the holiday song, Jingle Bells, in American Sign Language!

Get Your Sketching Template

Download your high-res Reindeer Sketching template (as seen below)

Learn More About Reindeer

Below you’ll find clips of reindeer from 3 different parts of the world where they play critical roles in the indigenous cultures.

Reindeer Herding In Snowy Mongolia

Reindeer Herders of the Russian Arctic

New York TImes article: Where Reindeer are a way of life.

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