Reindeer Sketching Video Tutorials

Here’s a 4-minute demo of the process I use to create a realistic looking sketch of a reindeer. Grab your copy of the Reindeer Sketching Template (as seen below the video) to follow along.

Below you’ll find the full 90-minute tutorial that I created on Facebook that includes fun facts about reindeer and lots of info about their anatomy to help you draw them even more realistically.

Get Your Sketching Template

Download your high-res Reindeer Sketching template (as seen below)

Learn More About Reindeer

Below you’ll find clips of reindeer from 3 different parts of the world where they play critical roles in the indigenous cultures.

Arctic Reindeer River Crossing 

Reindeer Herding In Snowy Mongolia

Reindeer Herders of the Russian Arctic