World Pangolin Day is observed annually on the third Saturday of February so it’s a good time to learn more about these creatures which have the tragic distinction of being the world’s most trafficked mammal; hunted to near extinction for their scales and meat.

In this video, I’ll share fascinating facts about pangolins while I demonstrate how to create a realistic drawing of a Temminck’s Ground Pangolin that resides in Africa.

CLICK HERE to download your 3-page handout of pangolin photographs to practice sketching from, including the one I demonstrate in the video below.

I invite you to join me for a live, online workshop on February 15th (2023) or watch the recording at your leisure. I’ll be sharing more facts about the Temminck’s Pangolin which resides in Africa and also giving more tips on the sketching process.

You can learn much more about the biology and anatomy of critically endangered pangolins on my World Pangolin Day blog post.