International Vulture Awareness Day is observed annually on the first Saturday of September. In honor of the occasion, I’m sharing this presentation in which you’ll learn fascinating facts about the two families of the world’s vultures, including the endangered Egyptian Vulture.

I’ll share the distinguishing characteristics of vultures, give examples of some of the species in both families, and also review the diverse threats posed to vultures that are causing many species to decline worldwide. In the second half of the presentation, I’ll lead you in a detailed step-by-step demonstration of drawing a realistic vulture in shading graphite pencils using an endangered Egyptian Vulture as our model.

Getting the most out of this workshop

    1. First, download the Vulture Sketching Cheat Sheet.
    2. Next, gather some sketching pencils and paper.
    3. Clear your schedule for this 75-minute workshop and click the image below to begin. Enjoy!


CLICK HERE to download your Egyptian Vulture Cheat Sheet (as seen below)

Learn More About Vultures

You can learn more about vultures and the many threats they face on the conservation websites below.

A closeup of the King vulture. Sarcoramphus papa.

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