In the sketching tutorial video below, I teach you simple but effective techniques for sketching giraffe. I start by giving you a foundation of knowledge about the giraffe’s biology and anatomy so that your drawings will clearly reflect their proper structure. While you draw along with me, you’ll also learn interesting facts about their ecology, natural history, and some of the reasons giraffe are threatened in their wild habitats.

How to Draw a Realistic Giraffe

If you’d like to learn how to create a realistic drawing of a giraffe, download the giraffe sketching cheat sheet shown below the video and grab a pencil before you start the video so you can follow along and create your own drawings of a giraffe. I filmed this live video tutorial for my online Nature Sketching Challenge group.



Click on the image below to download your high-resolution giraffe sketching cheat sheet

giraffe sketching cheat sheet

Downloadable Giraffe Cheat Sheet

Learn More about Giraffe

If you’d like to learn even more about the giraffe and their lives, read my story; All About the Giraffe of Africa.


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