Celebrate Rhinos on September 22

It’s World Rhinoceros Day! Rhinoceros are at risk of extinction throughout their range, especially from poachers who hunt them for their horn with the false belief that it has medicinal qualities. Free Rhinoceros Coloring Page Download your free high-resolution Rhinoceros Coloring Page. As an artist and environmental educator, I enjoy creating resources to help educate […]

My Favorite Fish Recipe

How to cook Trapani-style salt-encrusted trout

Since I love sketching and I love cooking, what better way to combine the two than to cook what I sketch? So, recently, when I created a fish sketching tutorial using a fresh trout I’d purchased from the local fish monger, I didn’t want it to go to waste. So I decided to cook the […]

Day 6

Reap the Benefits!

For today’s challenge, I’d like you to think about all of the benefits you could reap from developing a routine nature sketching practice. This exercise will hopefully inspire you to pick up your pencil & journal and get outside more often. Benefits to a frequent sketching practice Listed below are just a few of the […]

47 Uses for a Bandana

Never leave home without a few!

I always travel with at least a couple of bandanas, of various sizes because, well they are just so darn useful, and they come in so many fun patterns, that they’re hard to resist. And so, as is often the case, I brainstormed this list of handy uses for bandanas while on a long, and […]

Bird Coloring Pages for Kids

Celebrating National Audubon Day

Today is John James Audubon’s birthday; and thus, National Audubon Day. Born April 26th, 1785, he is best remembered as a bird naturalist, author, and illustrator, whose book The Birds of America is considered one of the finest ornithological works ever completed. He has certainly been an inspiration in my own life, as I pursue similar passions. […]

Nature Journaling with Kids

Tips for starting a journaling practice

Below you’ll find some tips for when you’re just getting started sharing the joy of nature journaling with the youth in your life. It’s focused on teaching middle school-aged kids, but can easily be modified for younger or older audiences. Keeping a nature journal is a time-honored tradition, practiced throughout history; from the ancient Greeks […]

The Water-Ouzel

A story by John Muir John Muir’s favorite bird was the ‘ Water-Ouzel’, better known nowadays as the American Dipper, to which he devoted an entire chapter of his book The Mountains of California, published in 1894. The dipper is also my favorite bird of forested mountain streams, so I created this audio-visual reading of Muir’s […]

National Orchid Day

 Celebrate Orchids on April 16th Contrary to popular belief, wild orchids are not confined to the wet and steamy tropics but are found from Patagonia to the Arctic Circle. I’ve been lucky to see native orchids throughout the US, from Alaska to Florida, but also in Mexico, the Caribbean, Honduras, and Borneo. I’ve created this […]