Have you always wanted to sketch the natural world but didn’t know how? Perhaps you’ve taken drawing lessons in the past but were either frustrated with the techniques or have forgotten what you learned. Well, I’m here to reassure you that anyone can learn to draw with skill and confidence, it just takes a clear step-by-step process and practice.

Many of the students in my nature sketching workshop tell me that the most frustrating aspect of learning to draw is the challenge of getting their subject’s basic shapes and proportions down on paper. And indeed, I encourage them to focus on this area before moving on to the other aspects of a drawing such as shading, texture, and color.  Achieving correct shapes is like a carpenter building a solid foundation before adding the walls and roof.  So, in my classes, I spend a lot of time on this first foundational stage of creating a drawing.

Below, I’ll share with you six of my favorite ways of approaching the drawing of a subject which I hope you’ll find useful.


  • Second, watch my video tutorial below and follow along as  I outline my foundational drawing techniques.