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  • Believe getting stung by a jellyfish is a small price to pay for diving a coral reef.
  • Think insects and snakes aren’t creepy crawlies but wickedly fascinating.
  • Believe children have the right to experience nature and adults have the responsibility to get them there.
  • Would spent your lottery money on traveling instead of stuff.
  • Wouldn’t think I’m a nut job if I told you I did surgery on a bumblebee, went swimming with sharks, kept a black widow as a pet and love collecting skulls!

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1)  Getting Started With Nature Sketching

Getting started with nature sketching cover-01This guide includes  beginner level  step-by-step instructions suitable for both adults and youth. This basic sketching guide will benefit anyone who wants to learn and practice their drawing skills. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to draw but were too busy, or you liked drawing in school but haven’t picked up a sketching pencil in years. Or you’re an accomplished artist in another medium but have never practiced drawing. Whatever your level, this guide should help.

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2) Getting Started with Nature Journaling

This guidgetting started with nature journaling title pagee is designed to help you get prepared creatively, mentally and physically for sketching nature in the outdoors. It includes four sections:

1) Suggestions for elements to include in your field journals.
2) Ideas for sparking your creativity and observation skillls.
3) Ideas for a multitude of places to find interesting things to sketch, no matter the season or weather.
4) Recommendations for art, field and clothing supplies. And lastly, I’ve included a list of references for further learning about sketching and nature journaling by my favorite authors.

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3) Quick Start Guide to Travel Journaling

Travel-Journaling-Guide-social-imageHave you wanted to start a travel journal but didn’t know how? Download this guide to get you on your way. Here’s what you’ll get:

1) The unexpected benefits of keeping a travel journal.
2) Tips on the best sketchbook and art supplies.
3) Creative ideas for how and where to fill your journal.
4) Prompts for what to include in your journal.
5) Suggestions for how to organize your journal.

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