Tidbits only some folks know about me

My love of wildlife borders on the insane, like:

  • My friends tease me about the time I was a poor but compassionate college student and bought a live lobster from Safeway with my food stamps and let it go in the ocean!
  • I once kept a black widow spider as a pet (until her egg case hatched!)
  • I performed surgery on a bumblebee to free it from a spider’s web.
  • I ran out in the middle of rush hour traffic to save a dog.
  • I rescued an injured mouse from a roadside.
  • I’ve spent more money at the vet’s office than I ever have on my own health.
  • I love collecting owl pellets and dissecting out the rodent skeletons contained within.

Other silly facts:

  • I used to compete in underwater hockey – yes, it’s a real sport and I even played at the national level.
  • I love designing my own Halloween costumes and have even won a few costume contests!
  • I prefer skinny dipping in a pristine river over swimming in an infinity pool in Cabo.
  • I rode a Harley Davidson motorcycle 25,000 miles (no, not all at once!)

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Red Warbler in fused glass

Red Warbler – My first project in fused glass