I wholeheartedly believe:

  • Getting stung by a jellyfish or bitten by a leech is a small price to pay for experiencing the raw beauty of wild nature.
  • I would rather spend a day out hiking or skinny dipping than going to a mall.
  • I think insects and snakes aren’t creepy crawlies but wickedly fascinating.
  • I believe children have the right to experience nature and adults have the responsibility to get them there.
  • I’d choose to spend my lottery money on traveling instead of stuff.
  • The more one travels, the more one has empathy for and understanding of the world’s people and places.
  • My heart glows when I see a puppy and my heart breaks when I hear about another species going extinct.
  • The only reason I’d ever go to jail is if I hurt someone who was abusing an animal.
  • In my world getting outdoors daily is an absolute necessity.
  • I never regret taking time to play in my nature journal.
  • Whipping up an organic green smoothie is always a fabulous idea.
  • My students are my rock. More than anything else, I care about helping them to see the beauty in nature.
  • You’ll fit right in my tribe if you wouldn’t think I’m a nut job for doing surgery on a bumblebee, swimming with sharks, having a pet black widow and keeping a bone collection!
  • When I die, I want to be remembered as a person who loved the earth and inspired others to care for it too.