All About Pronghorns and How to Sketch Them!

The American Pronghorn is an iconic species of North America, roaming the grassland, desert, and sage steppe habitats from south-central Canada to Baja, California.

Although commonly called an ‘antelope’ it is not closely related to those primarily old world species. It is the only surviving member of its family, the Antilocapridae, and holds the distinction of being the fastest runner in the world, second only to the cheetah, reaching speeds of 60 miles per hour!

Tragically, the species is declining since its long-distance seasonal migration routes are being blocked by roads and fences and degraded by habitat loss from cities, agriculture, and resource extraction such as oil and gas exploration.

pronghorn antelope


If you’d like to learn much more about pronghorn biology, ecology, and anatomy, I suggest you watch the recording of my live online workshop below.
First, you’ll want to gather some paper, sketching pencils, and also download the pronghorn image as seen in the video.