I frequently give presentations and teach workshops for both youth and adult audiences for meetings, festivals, and conferences. If your organization would like to inquire about inviting me to speak at your event or to give a workshop, please CONTACT me. You may also find my official bio and high-resolution images for publicity on my MEDIA page. My fee is on a sliding scale starting with a suggested honorarium of $500 plus travel expenses.

Selected organizations I’ve spoken for

  • The National Audubon Society, Oregon
  • Wild Wonder Nature Journaling Conference, California
  • Western Field Ornithologists, California
  • BirdsCaribbean, Jamaica
  • California Native Plant Society, California
  • Vallarta Bird and Nature Festival, Mexico
  • Bay Area Carnivorous Plant Society, California
  • Guild of Natural Science Illustrators; Washington, Wisconsin, and Montana annual conferences


Sample Presentation

Title:  From Stick Figures to Songbirds: Mastering Quick Techniques for Nature Sketching

Can’t draw a stick figure or a straight line? Great, because there are very few of those in nature! All kidding aside, join naturalist and artist Christine Elder, who believes that anyone can learn the basics of realistic drawing. It doesn’t take ‘talent’ or years of practice. Christine will teach you her ‘Six-step Roadmap to Sketching Success’ that will give you the skills and confidence to start sketching realistic plants and animals in a jiffy.  Whether you’d love to sketch songbirds in your backyard or wildflowers in a meadow, the tips you learn in this workshop will serve you well. Even if you’ve never tried sketching before, by the end of this workshop you’ll have learned practical and easy to remember techniques for capturing the essence of nature’s beauty.

Who this workshop is for: This is a great workshop for any nature lover who would enjoy sketching in nature. It’s also great for environmental educators, science teachers and homeschooling parents who’d love to incorporate observational drawing activities into their curricula as a way to deepen their understanding of the biology, ecology, and anatomy of that which they’re studying.


“Christine Elder has a refreshingly welcoming approach to teaching about birds through art that reflects her obvious passion for wildlife and conservation of our natural environment. Whether at her home in Oregon or visiting us deep in the tropics at the Vallarta Botanical Garden, she has a marvelous potential to connect people with birds in a rich and meaningful way.”

– Neil Gerlowski, Executive Director, Vallarta Botanical Garden.

“Christine is the most enthusiastic naturalist I know, and I have been in this business for over 20 years. Take her classes or join her in the field, and you won’t be disappointed.”

– Stephen Shunk, Paradise Birding.