Watercolor Painting Course

Master the basics of painting in watercolor with this self-paced, online course, where you’ll learn foundational painting techniques from the comfort of home!

Have you always wanted to learn to use watercolors but were afraid to try?  You shouldn’t be. Watercolors are fast, easy, and non-toxic and they yield beautiful results once you learn a few simple techniques and use good quality materials. I have been painting with watercolors, teaching art courses and leading nature sketching holidays that incorporate watercolor techniques for over a decade and I love to watch my students gain the skills and confidence that allow them to begin a fun and rewarding hobby. So, start the new season off in a creative way by learning to paint with watercolors!

About this course

I am delighted to share this topic with you.  Many folks find watercolors to be quite intimidating but I will reveal their characteristics and best techniques for using them in a straightforward manner.  Like cats, they sometimes have their own minds and can be unpredictable but their bright colors and ease of use is unparalleled!


Who this course is designed for

No prior experience in painting is expected, though basic realistic sketching skills are helpful. I designed this course primarily for the following audiences:

  • Nature lovers who sketch but have never before explored the medium of watercolor.
  • Travelers who would like to incorporate the use of watercolors into their journals when outdoors or on the road.
  • Homeschooling parents who would like to teach their middle school and older children about color theory, mixing colors and foundational painting techniques, which they could use to embellish their nature observation journals.

Topics included in this course

  • My recommended art materials with suggestions for where to purchase.
  • Pros & cons of choosing your color palette and palette of colors.
  • Color theory, and how to accurately mix the desired color to match your subject.
  • Basic techniques of applying paints to the paper.
  • How to make a portable watercolor set for working in the field or while traveling.

The format of this watercolor course

    • Guides: Printable guides to the materials and techniques presented in the course.
      • Videos: Over one hour of video demonstrations leading you through step-by-step instructions on foundational watercolor techniques.
      • BONUS VIDEOS: How to choose a color palette and How to make a portable watercolor set for the field.


Topics not included

This is not an exhaustive course in every aspect of painting, rather an introduction focused on helping folks interested in learning basic techniques for using watercolors in order to capture the beauty of the natural world, especially in a field journal. I do not cover myriad types of brushes, paper, nor advanced techniques and special effects one might use when painting in the studio. I do not cover techniques for tight renderings of subjects in a biological illustration style, rather I focus on quick and casual methods for depicting living subjects in the field or while traveling.

The techniques I DO teach provide a solid foundation for those students wishing to move on to pursuing more detailed renderings, like those found in classical botanical paintings.

Student Testimonials

“Christine helped me really appreciate watercolors. At first, I was intimidated because who am I to be making art with watercolors, learning about shading, and getting cozy with colors. She made nature sketching and painting such a mindful experience and took out any of the intimidation that I cannot do it out of the picture. Her video tutorials were incredibly detailed and resourceful. Christine covered things I didn’t even know I needed like blending colors to match what I find in nature and understanding how letting go of control is one of the key factors of success with watercolor painting. Since I do more surreal and abstract work – Christine inspired me to really look outside in nature with new eyes. I felt calm, empowered, and focused on my art. No longer intimidated that it would be very hard or impossible to do. Thank you, Christine, for bringing your expertise and knowledge to make things simple and easy. Oh, and to have me let go of controlling the watercolors – just letting them flow!”

-Isabelle Rizo, Illinois

“You are a great inspiration, Christine. For years, I’ve been avoiding art. Something happened, I’m not sure what but I just could not bring myself to conceive of creating. The color had gone out of me. I’m so happy that I’m open to painting now and look forward to stepping into the flow. So, I hope to soon be a child just playing with watercolor, enjoying it and reveling in it. I’m introducing it to my life and folding it into place. I am hoping to make it a big part of my life. Thanks, Christine for being a nature lover. I am very glad to have met you. I think you may be a kindred spirit.”

-Cindy Howard, Oregon

There’s something so meditative about getting outdoors, observing nature and creating something beautiful. Everything else seems to melt away while your attention is focused on your subject, and in the end, you really feel a sense of renewal. It’s such a great way to get your mind off of work for a few minutes, and can make all the difference in the remainder of your afternoon.“

-Tabitha Stevenson, Pennsylvania

About your instructor and why I developed this course

christine sketching
I am a naturalist, educator and visual artist who loves helping folks develop a deeper connection to the natural world through the practice of nature sketching, painting, and journaling. I’ve taught workshops at live events for many years but wished to share my passion for nature and art with a wider audience. So, in 2015 I began developing online ‘distance learning’ courses such as this one, enabling anyone to participate, regardless of their schedule or location.

I am delighted to share this topic with you.  Many folks find watercolors to be quite intimidating but I reveal their characteristics and best techniques for using them in a fun & engaging manner.  Like cats, they sometimes have their own minds and can be unpredictable but their bright colors and ease of use is unparalleled!

Sample video from the course

How to purchase this course

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 Refund policy

I offer a 30-day money back guarantee. However, I do request that you show evidence of having gone through the guides, watched the videos and completed the homework before decided that the course was not worth the investment.  You may want to check out some of my free sketching tutorials first to get an idea of the style of my content before purchasing in order to obtain a clearer picture of what I offer. Thanks!


Student Testimonial from Isabelle Rizo