How to Choose Your Watercolor Hues and Palettes

How to Choose the Hues and Palettes for your Watercolor Practice

In this short video I give you three ideas for getting started with watercolors. I’ll share with you my favorite pigments and the pros and cons of using three different sizes of watercolor palettes.


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Have you always wanted to learn to use watercolors but were afraid to try?  You shouldn’t be. Watercolors are fast, easy, and non-toxic and they yield beautiful results once you learn a few simple techniques and use good quality materials. I have been painting with watercolors and teaching art courses and nature sketching workshops incorporating watercolor techniques for over a decade and I love to watch my students gain the skills and confidence that allow them to begin a fun and rewarding hobby. So, start the new season off in a creative way by learning to paint with watercolors.




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