I’ve learned a thing or two about business over the last twenty years since I did my first big design job for a state park. Today I run a  location independent business with the freedom and income that allows me to travel extensively and work when and where I please.

Now I’d like to share my secrets with you.

The business areas I can lend the most guidance in are:

  • Branding and platform building
  • Developing content ideas for your website, newsletter and blog
  • Discovering your unique story that will make you stand out from the crowd
  • Researching your ideal client and the best places and methods to market to them
  • Methods to start and grow a newsletter or blog
  • Growing your list of contacts to expand your reach
  • Using the power of video to promote and grow your business

You can do this!

You can do this! Well, maybe not move a 10 ton boulder, but have a thriving business? Yes.

Do you want to escape your cubicle? Have you always dreamed of another life; to be free to work when and where you want?

Perhaps you’ve already started a business but you just aren’t gaining the traction that you need and you want some support and guidance from someone who’s been there (that’s me, in case you’re wondering!) You’ve got a website up, but no one seems to be visiting it, you aren’t bringing in clients, and you are stuck on how to monetize your new venture.

Maybe you’re an artist, educator, yoga instructor, massage therapist or you run a small non-profit. You’d like to grow your business by harnessing the power of the internet and the modern marketing techniques that have helped women like you break free and realize their dreams for freedom and financial success on their own terms.

It can be a lonely road as an entrepreneur. Maybe your friends think you’re crazy, your family wants you to just be happy with a ‘normal’ job and no one believes you can really make it on your own.

Perhaps you’ve heard of the concepts of list building, auto-responders, lead magnets, search engine optimization, conversion rates, social media, content marketing, editorial calendars…but it’s all too much.and your head is spinning. I know, I’ve been there.

Let me be of assistance

I specialize in working one-on-one with solo women entrepreneurs who are seeking to create a purpose-driven life on their own terms. Whether you’re still in the ‘dreaming about it’ phase or the ‘emerging’ phase of your business, I can help.

I can help you by clarifying your vision for the future, strategizing a way to get there, offering ideas and support, developing your time management and organization systems to streamline your business, upgrading your tech skills, optimizing your work environment, and addressing your limiting beliefs in order to help develop confidence in your ability to succeed.

My Story

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit. I guess you could say I inherited it. I come from a long line of self-employed, self-starters, my father and grandfathers were home builders and painters, and my father’s grandmother emigrated from Sweden and became a famous milliner and costume designer during the Victorian era.

In middle school I had a paper route, delivering the afternoon paper on horseback over the gravel roads of my rural hometown. In high school, while other kids were babysitting or bagging groceries, I enjoyed more active, self-directed pursuits like maintaining people’s yards and walking their dogs.

As an adult, I tried the office route, even working one summer in a high rise in the financial district of San Francisco but I felt like a caged animal, pacing in front of the windows, looking longingly out across the bay and imagining I was hiking in the redwoods. So after college, I decided to combine my two passions of art and science and started my own biological illustration and design business. I’ve worked for such clients as the National Park Service, the Botanical Society of America and a wide variety of federal and state agencies, non-profits and small businesses.

Scuba diving in Turks & Caicos

Scuba diving in Turks & Caicos

Having my own business allows me the freedom to work when and where I want and to travel extensively. I’ve been able to schedule projects around my dream travel destinations; having been from the tundra of Alaska to the rainforests of Honduras and the Greek ruins of Sicily.

Eventually, friends and colleagues took notice of my success and wanted me to share some of my skills and techniques that brought me to this place. So, when I’m not working in my studio, I enjoy helping folks like you to build an equally thriving and independent business.

I’m passionate about saving you time and money

I know that money and time are in short supply when you’re growing a new business. I love to help people save both! My strength lies in working with you one-on-one, helping to determine what the next, best steps are for your business, providing guidance and DIY resources to get you up and running fast at an affordable rate. Think of me as an enthusiastic cheerleader in your court.

What my clients say about working with me:

  • “Christine is an informed, passionate professional”
  • “She really understood the essence of my business philosophy “
  • “Her attention to detail and savvy advice was priceless”
  • “She has an insightful consultation style”
  • “Christine has been a joy to work with”

See more Praise from the wonderful folks I’ve been honored to work with!

Ready to dive in? Below you’ll find some options for working with me.

Get my new resource guide when you sign up to work with me!

Get my new resource guide when you sign up to work with me!

The following list of packages are combos of one-on-one strategy sessions in which we explore your business needs paired with written recommendations based on what I discover during our meeting. This offers you a DIY approach that saves you cash and gets you clear on your next steps. If you’re more strapped for time than cash and would prefer that I just get it done for you, I will create a custom quote based on your needs. In all cases, we will chat by phone or Skype (your choice).

Clicking the links below will take you to my calendar where you can schedule a meeting time that is convenient for both of us (conveniently converted to your time zone!) Next, you’ll be taken to a secure checkout form where you can enter your payment information. You will then receive a confirmation email where you can decide whether you prefer to chat with me over phone or Skype. And we’re off to the races!

If you don’t know where to begin, don’t fret, just schedule a complimentary Get to Know You Session below.

Introductory Get to Know You Session – complimentary

If we haven’t spoken before, let me offer you my this complimentary session where we will dive in to your business building needs and explore what I can do for you. If you decide that we’re a good fit for working together, you may want to schedule a package from the list below.

Starting Off On the Right Foot – $125

Are you just getting started in your business or new to bringing your business online? Maybe you’ve heard of concepts like list building, auto-responders, lead magnets, search engine optimization, conversion rates, social media marketing, editorial calendars…. and it just makes your head spin! I know where you’re at, I’ve been there. Sounds like you need a clear plan that will help get your new business off the ground.

What You Get: This package includes a 45 minute discovery session, and a custom list of action steps to take, systems to implement for streamline your business, and tech tools to employ to get you started on the right foot and hit the ground running!

Comprehensive Website Review -$125

Are you wondering why your website isn’t bringing in more visitors or turning your visitors into profitable clients and customers? Your website is the home of your business and should be an accurate reflection of your personality and professionalism. Your business is like a chain; it is only as strong as its weakest link. Don’t let your website be that link.

We’ll start with a meeting to discuss your primary goals for your site. After our chat, I will review your site “with a fine toothed comb” analyzing its layout, design, navigation, photography, graphics, usability, functionality, search engine friendliness and copy, with a focus on the main pages of your website.

Finally, I will provide you with a one page summary in which I will give you specific feedback and concrete steps you can take action on right away to improve your site and get it functioning as it should to bring in visitors and convert them into customers. Some of these steps you can take right away, some you may need help with from your web designer.

If you decide that you’d like further assistance in implementing these recommended improvements, I’d be happy to provide a quote for my services and if you hire me to build a new website for you, I’ll deduct the entire cost of this review from your website building package. Either way, you’ll have a solid plan for improving your site that you can begin implementing right away.

What You Get: This package includes a 45 minute discovery session, a one hour site review that I’ll conduct after our talk and a one page guide of my recommended steps for improvement, as well as kudos on the areas for which you’re right on target. If you decide to have me design a new site for you, I will subtract the entire cost of this package!

Lightning Fast Website Review – $75

If you’re strapped for time or cash (and what beginning entrepreneur isn’t?), you can schedule a 30 minute session in which we will go over your site together live and I will offer a verbal analysis of what’s working and what could be improved. A set of fresh eyes can do wonders even in a short time!

What You Get: A 30 minute session with tips offered as we review your site together.

Newsletter Nuggets o’ Wisdom – $125

Having a newsletter for your business is one of the best ways to grow your customer base, create engagement and improve your ‘know, like, and trust’ factors. Newsletters are beneficial in so many ways. With a great newsletter, you’ll remain top of mind when new customers need your services and they’ll know how to get in touch with you, you can keep in contact with past, current and future clients so folks don’t forget about you, and your potential clients will learn about your skills and talents enough to trust you with their next project. Writing regularly for your newsletter also helps you to hone your message, crystalizes your brand voice, and allows potential collaborators to see your work.

What You Get: This package includes a 45 minute discovery session, a custom list of content ideas for your newsletter with sample headlines, and I’ll give guidance in creating an auto-responder series and help create an editorial calendar for the next quarter, plus I’ll provide recommendations for the best email service providers.

Fast Track Your List Building -$125

You’ve heard it before; the money is in your list. You gotta have one. Period. But how do you start and grow a list of people who will become your fans and eventually your customers and clients? There are many ways to grow your list, including simple changes to the design of your website, connecting with people online and doing in person events.

What You Get: This package includes a 45 minute discovery session, and then I’ll create a custom list of concrete ideas for growing your list based on your goals, products and market.

Getting Started with Video – $125

Did you know that using video on your website greatly increases your “know, like and trust factors”, and increases the time people spend on your website while also increasing the likelihood that they will purchase from you. Getting started using video in your business may be easier and cheaper than you’d thought. Don’t like the thought of being on camera? There are lots of ways you can incorporate the power of video without having to be in front of the camera.

What You Get: This package includes a 45 minute discovery session, a list of my equipment recommendations and learning resources to get you started, types of videos you should start with and some sample scripts.

Coaching Session for Current Clients – $50

Here’s where you’ll schedule our regular sessions in which we will touch base on your goals and accomplishments, what you’re stuck on and how I can assist you. This discounted rate applies to all folks who have purchased one of the above packages and would benefit from some continuing support. 30 minutes

Monthly Coaching Package – $750/ month

This choice provides the best value and best results for those that are serious about getting real results. Working with me for a month (or more) will give you some real traction in getting clear about your goals and developing a clear plan for achieving them.

What You Get: A 1 hour strategy session  to set up your goals and priorities for the month followed by weekly strategy calls for up to one hour, with written summaries to solidify your goals and plans for the week, plus email support to offer encouragement and guidance and to celebrate your accomplishments.

Build Your Own Package

Don’t quite see what you need above? Perhaps you’re looking for help with social media management, search engine optimization, publishing opportunities, speaking engagements, creating and launching your first product, copywriting, financial or legal matters. I can steer you in the right direction by recommending folks that I collaborate with who may best meet your needs.

Schedule a complimentary session where we will brainstorm your dreams and how to get you there, then I’ll write up a quote for a package of services that I determine would be a good first step for you.

Contact me to schedule your session today