How to Sketch a Warbler

Step-by-step tutorial on sketching a warbler The 2-minute video below shows you my technique for sketching warblers, using an Ovenbird as an example.This species is stockier than most warblers, looking a bit more like a sparrow than your average warbler, but the basic body plan is the same. To learn more about Ovenbirds visit the Cornell Lab […]

Bird Sketching Tutorials

Learn easy techniques for sketching birds I love teaching folks how to sketch birds, both at live workshops and online with my easy tutorials. Watch the videos below and download the helpful handouts on sketching birds. If you’d like to learn even more about sketching birds, take my online class or join me on a nature sketching retreat! […]

My Favorite Watercolor Painting Supplies

An introduction to watercolor painting supplies Have you always wanted to learn to use watercolors but were afraid to try?  You shouldn’t be. Watercolors are fast, easy, and non-toxic and they yield beautiful results once you learn a few simple techniques and use good quality materials. I have been painting with watercolors and teaching art courses and […]

Top 10 Benefits of Keeping a Travel Journal

Have you ever been traveling and noticed a person completely engrossed in the activity of journaling, perhaps with a somewhat dreamy expression on her face, and seemingly oblivious to the chaos around her? Perhaps you said to yourself “I should try that on my next trip.” I encourage you to follow that hunch, and here’s […]

Quick Tips for Sketching Backyard Birds

The tips below are geared towards birdwatchers of any age and skill level, although the practice of bird sketching can be especially useful for new birders in serving to strengthen your identification skills. Keep in mind that you are drawing from real life, not aiming for the precision and quality you see in the birding field […]

How to Draw A Leaf

What comes to mind when you hear the word ‘leaf’? Likely, it’s something like an oak or maple, or an example from a plant that grows in your yard. But leaves come in a dizzying array of sizes, shapes, colors and most importantly, functions. We learn in grade school that leaves are for capturing the […]

How to draw a 3-D sphere in pencil

If you wish to improve your realistic drawing skills, it is great practice to draw three dimensional forms such as spheres, cones and cubes. These shapes are everywhere in nature – the sphere of a bird’s chest, the cone of a fir tree, the cube of a chunk of granite rock.  Mastering the depiction of basic […]