Spooky Nature Facts: Fascinating Literature

Halloween may conjure up thoughts of ghost stories, horror movies, and chilling tales, but nothing can compare to how truly bizarre and intriguing nature can be. What could be more peculiar, more frightening, than the strange and ghastly realities stories found in the natural world all around us? There’s a plethora of literature to be […]

Spooky Nature Facts: Orange and Black Wildlife

Wildlife Dressed for Halloween Have you ever wondered why so many animals follow a Halloween-themed dress code of orange and black? From the American Redstart to the Monarch Butterfly, and thousands of species in between, this is indeed a common color combination. Below you’ll find a slideshow I created of photographs that my partner took on our […]

Spooky Nature Facts: Flesh-eating Round-leaved Sundew

The round-leaved sundew is a diminutive but deadly cousin of the Venus fly trap. Its proper name, Drosera rotundifolia, comes from the Greek word meaning “dewy”, a reference to the plant’s glistening droplets of sticky liquid mounted at the tips of touch-sensitive tentacles. Resembling sweet-smelling crystal balls, they serve to fatally attract all manner of flying insects. […]

Spooky Nature Facts: The Darlingtonia Midge

The Darlingtonia Midge & Its Murderous Accomplice Who would believe that an insect and an insect-eating plant could have a mutually beneficial relationship?  Surprisingly, that’s exactly the case in the unlikely union between the mosquito-like midge and the carnivorous California pitcher plant (Darlingtonia californica), which is found in serpentine seeps in northern California and Oregon. […]

Spooky Nature Facts: Skeletons and Bones

Spooky Nature Facts: Skeletons and Bones What would the Halloween season be without stories of skeletons and bones? So without further ado, here are some fun (and spooky) facts about them. Fun Facts about Animal Bones Rodents crave gnawing on bones, which mammalogists believe serves the dual purposes of keeping their ever growing incisors in […]

Spooky Nature Facts: Ancient Egyptian Embalming

Spooky Nature Facts: Ancient Egyptian Embalming & Mummification You may wonder what Egyptian embalming practices have to do with nature, but if it weren’t for the special aromatic and preservative properties of native plant species found throughout the world, including ancient Egypt, preserving the dead for ‘eternity’ would not have been possible.  Here are a few fun […]

Spooky Nature Facts About Carnivorous Plants

These cunning plants have been known to dine, not only on insects, but arachnids, mollusks, worms, small fish, amphibians, reptiles, rodents, and even birds as well! Carnivorous plants attract, catch and digest animal prey. Some of the well-known varieties include the venus fly trap, sundew, pitcher plant, butterwort, and bladderwort – all of which can […]

Spooky Nature Facts: Mushrooms

A Mushroom By Any Other Name What do Witch’s Butter, Blood Boletes, Inky Caps and Jack O’ Lanterns have to do with mushrooms? They are all spooky, but real, names of common forest fungi. These creepy denizens of dank, dark redwood and pine forests were familiar to me growing up in California and awakened  an early fascination […]