Learn easy techniques for sketching birds

I love teaching folks how to sketch birds, both at live workshops and online with my easy tutorials. Watch the videos below and download the helpful handouts on sketching birds.

Sketching Birds Workshop Videos

How to Sketch Birds for the Absolute Beginner


What a lively crew we had for my presentation on sketching birds for the University of Alaska campus in Nome, Alaska in December 2016. Watch the video below and follow along; the intro ends and workshop begins at the 3:00 minute mark if you’d like to skip ahead. You may download the pdf of the powerpoint slide show used in this video.


Audubon Society Presentation


How to Sketch Birds Step by Step Tutorials

How to Draw a Robin

How to Draw a Woodpecker


How to Draw an Ovenbird

How to Draw a Jay



Birds Caribbean Bird Sketching Workshop


The following information is a supplement to the workshop I taught at the Birds Caribbean Meeting in Jamaica, July 2015


Link to Bird Sketching Workshop Resources pdf

  • This two page handout has information on the best resources and supplies for learning to sketch birds.

Link to Drawing a Hummingbird tutorial pdf as seen below

Download this hummingbird sketching tutorial pdf

Want to Learn More about Sketching Birds?

Take my online class : Sketching Backyard Birds for Beginners